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Pharmaceutical errors

Pharmaceutical errors

Posted by on Jan 24, 2016 in Personal Injury, Pharmaceutical errors |

These types of error are sources of more than million deaths annually in the US. These mistakes can be prevented and they can outcome with medical malpractice lawsuit. If you notice pharmaceutical errors call his response in California A pharmaceutical mistake can occur at any time during the prescription process, from the time when the patient takes the drug to the time he starts to use it. Most common cases are when doctor or the nurse prescribes the wrong medication, but in some cases the pharmacist can make a mistake when filing or distributing the medicine.

The FDA examines the medical errors from pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers. Most common cases which result with these type of errors are when a doctor prescribes the wrong dosage of medicine. 41% of these errors are fatal, 16% are when doctor prescribes not the right drug or uses the inadequate type of admission.

receta-medicaIt’s extremely important to patients to observe the facts that doctor of pharmacist tells them regarding a medicine that they are taking and to understand any side effects that drug may cause. In every case the harmed one should ask about the things he doesn’t understand regarding a medicine. If a patient uses some other drugs or supplements, he should let know the doctor about those facts in order to avoid harmful interaction between drugs.

DMEPA is an organization that receives the complaints and reviews of these type of errors that could lead to any possibly harmful situations. The potential errors may occur when a doctor issues a wrong medicine or when he prescribes the wrong dose of the drug that has other instruction shown on label, or situation where a pharmaceutical improperly uses the prescription.
Are the damages for medication errors recoverable? If a patient has some unexpected reaction to the medicine it doesn’t have to mean it was a pharmaceutical fault. The error has to be prevented in order to be actionable. The pharmaceutical error has to be evident and immediate cause of the injury in order to be applicable.

The patient doesn’t have a cause to sue for pharmaceutical error if the results are not evident.

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Animal / Dog bites

Animal / Dog bites

Posted by on Jan 24, 2016 in Personal Injury, Dog bites |

If we follow the researches of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 4,5 million people are bitten by the dogs annually. Most of these cases aren’t serious, but around 885,000 cases seek some type of medical attention. Some of the victims will have to stay at home, away from work, or they can suffer some type of disfigurement. And most of the cases involve the children.

In all states the owners are considered responsible for injuries and damages that their pets cause, if they don’t provide adequate protection. Some states have adopted “the one three bite rule” in this case the owner of the pet won’t have legal responsibilities until he suspects that dog has violent nature.

downloadHalf of the U.S states have the statute where the owners of the dogs will be strictly reliable. They will be held reliable even if they don’t know about their dog’s violent nature. But in California, the law will make an owner strictly reliable only in the cases when a dog bites. In useful resource here holding a free consultation and learn you about your options
Other states will find the owner of the dog responsible in the situations where he failed to provide an adequate care or to control the animal. For example: if an owner takes his dog outside for a walk and he knows that dog has problems with people, he will search for an empty field and he will let the dog loose and if by any chance a person passes by and gets bitten by the dog, the owner will be strictly reliable.

It doesn’t matter what type of a dog you have, because anyone can bite. Sometimes it can be out of sudden, or because of the fear, or because he has a protective instinct towards the owner. It may be fun to let your dog jump on you, but it wouldn’t be pleasant if your dog jumps on someone else and hurts him.

In those situations you could be held responsible for those injuries. In order to prevent this kind of situation, it would be wise to train your dog since the early years of live and teach him to be more social.

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Drunk and impaired driving

Drunk and impaired driving

Posted by on Jan 24, 2016 in Personal Injury, Driving accident |

In all states in U.S. the driver who has blood alcohol content of 0,8 is considered to drive under the influence and that act is punishable with a crime, because he can endanger other people safety and his own safety. Many factors can determine who many drink the driver can get in order to avoid the 0,8 BAC, such as height, weight, age, gender. Even if the driver has the lower percentage of alcohol in the blood, he may still be inadequate to drive. When the driver consumes the alcohol, it reduces its feeling to avoid immediate events.

In some states there is a regulation that allows the plaintiff to sue not only the driver but also the bar or restaurant that served obviously intoxicated person drinks. This law is called “dram shop liability”. More information about this law you can find at over here firm site.

florida-300x200Damages that can be received for this type of injuries can be economic and non – economic. Economic damages include previous and following salaries loss, medical costs, recovery and others. Non – economic damages are mental pain and suffering and its different from case to case.
When the punitive damages are in question, those are filed against big corporations. In some cases, a drunk driver who admitted guilty, or who already was convicted for drunk driving may still have to pay a punitive damage.

The wife whose husband was killed in drunk driving accident and left her and three of their daughters alone, has the right to seek a punitive damage.

If a jury in some cases brings a substantial award regarding a drunk driving, the defendant may express a complaint because he thinks that decision is unconstitutional. The court will make a final word regarding a physical of financial harm, and if the defendant expressed some sort of a reckless or indifferent behavior and endanger other people’s lives which resulted with an injury or a harm he will be punished by the courts decision.

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