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In all states in U.S. the driver who has blood alcohol content of 0,8 is considered to drive under the influence and that act is punishable with a crime, because he can endanger other people safety and his own safety. Many factors can determine who many drink the driver can get in order to avoid the 0,8 BAC, such as height, weight, age, gender. Even if the driver has the lower percentage of alcohol in the blood, he may still be inadequate to drive. When the driver consumes the alcohol, it reduces its feeling to avoid immediate events.

In some states there is a regulation that allows the plaintiff to sue not only the driver but also the bar or restaurant that served obviously intoxicated person drinks. This law is called “dram shop liability”. More information about this law you can find at over here firm site.

florida-300x200Damages that can be received for this type of injuries can be economic and non – economic. Economic damages include previous and following salaries loss, medical costs, recovery and others. Non – economic damages are mental pain and suffering and its different from case to case.
When the punitive damages are in question, those are filed against big corporations. In some cases, a drunk driver who admitted guilty, or who already was convicted for drunk driving may still have to pay a punitive damage.

The wife whose husband was killed in drunk driving accident and left her and three of their daughters alone, has the right to seek a punitive damage.

If a jury in some cases brings a substantial award regarding a drunk driving, the defendant may express a complaint because he thinks that decision is unconstitutional. The court will make a final word regarding a physical of financial harm, and if the defendant expressed some sort of a reckless or indifferent behavior and endanger other people’s lives which resulted with an injury or a harm he will be punished by the courts decision.

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